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Hello!  If you find yourself on this page then you're probably wondering a little bit about me. Well, first and most importantly I am a mother to a beautiful and caring soul of a teenage daughter. Whether it's a date with my daughter eating cupcakes around Denver or a hike through the orange kissed mountains, I enjoy exploring!  
I feel all things deeply. The smell of rain and the sound of water resonate in my soul. I am a self-proclaimed nerd... or a wannabe at least! I love the new beginnings that a spring tulip brings, and I'll never turn down a scoop of pistachio or coconut ice cream! I find myself rooting for the underdog. And above all, I believe in love. Every moment that gets you there, every way, shape and form that it comes in -- I believe that love is the greatest power of all. 
The story behind the lens began when I first held my DSLR camera back in 2009, but it wasn't until I switched to manual mode that the real journey began. I began shooting what I love most... my daughter, my city, the beauty all around me. What began as a hobby evolved into a passion. To share this passion with others is my ultimate goal. To witness a client discovering their beauty from within and to bring that to life. To capture their big moment (or simply a moment in time), their family, their memories... this brings pure joy to my heart. Our pictures tell our stories, the stories that make us who we are, and remind us of who we were, and most of all make us laugh, cry and reminisce. Let me capture your story.